Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Sahara Body done!

YIPPEE!! I finished the body of my Sahara. I am REALLY happy with the fit so far!(My knits tend to come out too big!) I took me forever to finish the trim on the body because I sliced my index finger last night (left hand but still makes it a lot slower) pretty bad. Typing is much slower too! Anyway I went upstairs to get my size 6, 16" needles and guess what...I don't have any! AHHH so I can't start my sleeves! I don't want to do anymore of the lace right now with my finger today. I'm going to sit anf knit tomorrow so I'm praying my LYS has that size addis, or I might cry! OK I won't cry but I need to get a hold of one soon! So while I really want to start Rusted root, I'm thinking I should finish up another almost done project while I wait on my needles..( I may not be able to resist though!)

OH I'm using Valley Yarns Goshen in Purple haze on size 6 and 4s...and am really happy with it so far! Nice


Lisa said...

Wow! I love the color! Purple Haze is such a great name for a color. Thanks Jimmy Hendrix!

Seeing your progress makes me want to go faster and get mine done now too. I can't wait to see the next pics!

Michelle said...