Saturday, April 21, 2007

Progress on Sahara

Here is my Sahara so far:

I've had to make a few modifications. First of all, my gauge isn't right as far as the rows are concerned. The stitch count is fine but I get more rows per inch so I am relying on the measurements laid out in the pattern rather than the row counts. Secondly, I'm making more hip increases. Instead of increasing every 8 rows 5 times for a total of 20 stitches increased, I'm increasing every 5 rows 7 times for a total of 28 stitches increased. It's difficult to tell how well it fits because of the open front. While I wear close fitting clothes, I'm not used to wearing such a fitted sweater. I love the way it is fitting so far.

I have a question for those of you who are using beads--I am adding them to the diamond rib parts of the sweater. Did you add beads randomly or to certain stitches in the pattern and if so, which stitches?


Susan said...

The color is Amazing!

That is going to be gorgeous.

Kathy said...

I added mine to the middle knit stitch on the third row, but only on every other repeat. Does that make sense?? It sort of looks like this:
0= slipped bead
KOKPPKKKPPKOKPPKKK 1st set of 4 rows
KKKPPKOKPPKKKPPKOK 2nd set of 4 rows
KOKPPKKKPPKOKPPKKK 3rd set of 4 rows

I hope that is helpful and not confusing

Yarn It said...

It looks great! The color is gorgeous.