Saturday, April 21, 2007

Joining Sahara

The pattern reads: Join Front: with RS facing, CO 20 sts for center front panel. Work across the left front to right armhole marker (now becomes EOR marker). Work across right front, join centre front panel, and continue to EOR.

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I think rather than an error, the instruction is really just rather condensed. I CO 20 sts, worked across left front to left armhole marker, worked across left armhole and across back, then across to right armhole marker (which now becomes EOR marker), then across right front to join to centre front panel, then continue to EOR.

I hope that helps.

for now


Kozy Kitty said...

I found that part of the pattern a bit confusing as well and I posted a question about it. Someone said that they just used the place where they joined the round as the beginning of the row, but I knew that was not right. I did it like you did. When reading the instructions for the shaping increases and decreases I realized that it was correct. The right armhole marker denotes the beginning and end of each row after the piece is joined in the round. I'm glad that I wasn't the only one to be confused by this! I always read a pattern completely through before starting it so I don't get stuck. Thanks for the tip about the bind off. Being someone with a fair amount of "junk in the trunk," that will be a useful tip!

Michelle said...

I also found htat part of the pattern confusing until I read it about 50 times,then I was like OHHHHHHH I see now! Though I'm onlhy about 1" below the join at this point...

Anonymous said...

Your Sahara is lovely but is it just me or do the two front center panels going down the front neck seem different at the very bottom? From the photo it looks as if the right one is slightly higher (or the stitches are laying differently or something) than the left. I tried to click on your pic to get a larger view but it only took me to the photo bucket sign in page. I was thinking about trying Sahara but that neckline might bother me. Your knitting looks fabulous though(perfect little stitches). Is it just the photo?

Just call me Ruby said...

Hi anonymous,

I noticed that the bottom looks different in the photo after posting but doesn't in real life so I don't really know why that's happened. Presumably light reflection and angles!