Sunday, April 29, 2007

Sahara revived

Thank you so much for your help with my tension!! I already wrapped my yarn around my pinky for tension, but I tried double wrapping and it fixed the problem completely, now it takes much before my hands get tired from the cotton & I haven't put Sahara in a timeout since!

Here is my progress to date - I just joined a few rounds ago & it's stockinette from here on in - smooth sailing for me! At least until I get to the edging...
I really can't tell how it's going to fit, the part where it's joined seems fine, but I'm a little worried about the fit around the bust - it's so hard to tell with that huge chunk missing!! Hopefully it'll all work out alright, since the body is fitting okay, I think it probably will, but there's no way to tell 'til I get there!
More info on my blog.

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Anonymous said...

I had the same worries with the bust. I don't know how many times I seriously considered frogging it and doing the next size up. I remeasured my bust and also measured a tight fitting top to compare and this reassured me. I tried it on again once I got done with the shaping and it fit much differently to when I tried it on after joining in the round. Mine fit just like yours at that stage. Now, the edges of the neckline (before the lace) pretty much sit where they do on the model.