Saturday, April 07, 2007

I got gauge! Sort of!

So in spite of my gauge issues with the Great Big Sea yarn for Sahar, I decided to go full speed ahead! The yarn is tricky because it curls so much, making it difficult to measure. I got to the point where I will begin the armhole shaping. That pattern says that the size S should measure 6 inches after 39 rows in the featured yarn. Before proceeding with the armhole shaping, I took the piece to the blocking board and steamed it flat for a true measure. The number of stitches across is about right. The entire piece is about a half inch bigger than it should be, but that works because this size is for a 33 inch bust and I measure 34.5, so the fit should be right. The number of rows gauges differently, however. After 39 rows, it measures a tad over 5 inches so I will have to rely on measuring rather than row counts. I hope this doesn't cause me to use a lot more yarn as I would hate to run out. Matching colors on hand dyes is tricky. Of course if I have to purchase another skein from a different dye lot, it would be for the trim, so it would probably be okay.

The color gradations are really quite stunning and the lovely sheen from the silk just doesn't show in the photos. Overall, I'm pleased and I think it will be beautiful.


Dee said...

That is a stunning color! Looks like you are progressing well, issues aside. :)

Yarn It said...

That color is gorgeous! I can't wait to see your progress.