Thursday, April 19, 2007

Finishing up Rusted Root/Sahara KAL

Hello everybody. It's been a long time since I've posted but I've been SWAMPED with the end of school, banquets, ceremonies, prom(s), graduation, and you name it! We are now FINISHED for the summer, so I should be somewhat more available for blogging and the like (somewhat being the operative word here).

Since I've been so busy and since the SKC was somewhat out of commission for a couple of weeks, I decided to wait until the end of May to end the current knit along, giving some of you a little more time to complete your lovely projects. There are a few more days of May left, so there's still time to bind off, weave in your ends, block your sweaters, and post pics on the site. For those of you who completed Rusted Roots and Sahara's, please send me an email letting me know that you participated in the Rusted Root/Sahara knit along, and I'll enter your name into a drawing. I'm not sure what the prize will be just yet, but I'll be deciding and posting that very soon.

And while we're finishing up the current knit along, let's go ahead and begin the nominations for the next knit along. We'll take nominations until June 15th. If you have not yet requested membership and postmanship, please be sure to do so, so that you may post your nominations. Membership is required to vote for the next knit along, however postmanship is not required to vote. Remember, please email Maryanne for membership requests, and email Jeanie for postmanship requests.

If and when you nominate a pattern, please be sure to link it using the "link" icon at the top of the posting window. Please do not include the long URL in your post, as this can "mess up" the side navigation bar on our site.

Have fun nominating!

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