Monday, April 09, 2007

Question about Sahara instructions

I'm almost at the part in the pattern where I will finally start knitting in the round. I'm a little confused by the instructions in the sectioned called "Join Front." You are told to CO 20 then knit across left front to the right armhole which will become the End of Row. Work across right front, join center then continue to End of Row. I assume this means to CO20 then knit across the left front and around the back to the right armhole. Then knit across right front, join center, knit across left front and again around the back to the right armhole (End of Row). Or could it be a misprint --meaning to knit across left front to left armhole which will be the End of Row? I'm a little confused but my gut tells me that my first interpretation is the right one. Could someone please clarify? Thanks!

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