Thursday, April 05, 2007


Ok so let's try this posting thing. So far I've been unsuccessful.

I'm planning on knitting both. I've already got yarn for Sahara, it's cascade pima silk in a pink color. Like a light rose. I may knit it in another yarn as well tho one of these days. Classic Elite premiere is gorgeous soft lovely yarn and would be a perfect substitute as well.

I still need yarn to knit rusted root. I've got my heart set on the cotton fleece in banana. I looooove that yellow color but I can't seem to find it anywhere. Either that or maybe a nice lime color. Anyway those are the plans so far. I've yet to cast on sahara but it will be soon. I've just got a few others to get out of the way. Too many WIP's!!!


Jenn said...

What size are you making? I may have enough of that color in my stash to sell/trade you. It looks like I may be 3 skeins. I'd also be glad to check at my LYS when I stop by to see if they have any. I agree... It's a great yellow!

Jennifer said...

I just ordered my cotton fleece for rusted root from Flying Fingers. They have it in banana. Here's the LINK