Saturday, April 28, 2007

More Rusted Root Progress


Neckline is finished, sleeves are finished, decrease rounds are done, now just have to keep plugging away at the mindless stockinette (and weave in a zillion ends, of course). And maybe do some increases to accomodate my giant hips.

I had to do a crazy bindoff to keep the neckline from curling. I don't see how any amount of blocking could keep that thing from curling with a regular bindoff, so I worked in a bunch of decreases and I'D LIKE TO SEE YOU TRY AND CURL NOW, YOU EVIL NECKLINE FROM HELL.


Aaaanyway... my Rusted Root is progressing nicely.


Shannon said...

I LOVE it! Your sleeves poofed so nicely! What size are you knitting in corolation (sp?) with your bust size? Sorry! That sounds a little personal, but I'm just wondering if people are knitting the same as their bust size or going down a size? I'm a 33" bust on a good day (ie. padded bra! heehee) and am making the small. Hopefully that will be a good fit!

Cyn said...

I'm about a 35" or 36" bust, and I'm mostly following the directions for the small, but I did the neckline and sleeve increases for the medium so that I'd have plenty of poof in the sleeve. So with my modifications it's slightly bigger than the small, but much smaller than the medium.

I find the sizes run big (I thought I'd be a medium, but even my slightly-bigger-small is a little loose on me), so I'd ignore the bust size suggestions and compare the actual measurements to a sweater or something that has the fit you want, and figure out which size matches up.