Sunday, April 02, 2006

2 days behind...

Argh! I'm already 2 days behind, such is my life. My yarn's yet to arrive, should be here tomorrow. I'm (for the first time ever) using the yarn the pattern called for, rowan 4-ply in tutti-fruiti, which i hope turns out to be more orange than pink. I've wanted to knit orangina for months and decided that now's the time to do it (and the other 3 sweaters and 2 socks I've got on the needles). Heh. I see some people are having trouble with the sizing on orangina, is there anyone who's got that sucker down, size is working out peachy? those are the people i wanna hear from and then I'll do exactly what you're doing.

so, more when my yarn arrives and i cast on!


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