Sunday, April 02, 2006

Confused on the first row

I finishd my swatching yesterday, so I cast on for my somewhat cowl on the way to the ski hill today. And then got stuck on the following sentence "At the same time, increase in the first and last stitch on the needle on each RS row, 2 times."

So does this mean that I am supposed to do 2 increases at each end of each RS row? Am I supposed to do 2 M1 increases? Or am I totally off base?



Wendy said...

...that means, do these particular increases on each side of the circular needle, i.e., at the beginning and at the end. But keep doing whatever other increases, like the sleeve increases, at the same time. (This, from the author of the pattern. Write me at if you have more trouble). Good luck!

Dr. Spaulding said... are only doing those particular increases twice, right? You don't mean at the beginning and end of each RS row, correct?

allisonmariecat said...

Wendy, tell me if I'm being inaccurate, but I just started your pattern and thought I'd try to help :)

Just at the beginning and end of 2 RS rows. It's written that way because you have two different "sets" of increases going at once. You have the sleeve increases that you do every RS row for however many inches, and the beginning/end of row increases that you do on the first 2 RS rows.

Wendy said...

Yes Allison!! that's correct. I just wrote back to Lisa via email.

Silvia said...

Thanks for posting your question- I read it and realized I never did the two sets of end increases...

I ended up frogging about 6 inches of work, but what can you do? I guess that's the benefit of a KAL (maybe I'll learn to read patterns a little more closely too).