Monday, April 03, 2006

Somewhat Progress

Here's the sum total of the progress I made on the Somewhat Cowl this weekend:

I'm happy with it so far, but the cotton blend is rather hard on my hands, and the constant knitting while watching Dan play Kingdom Hearts 2 made my shoulder ache, so it was temporarily abandoned. Also, I'm having some bizarre tension issues. Hopefully blocking will take care of them.

As usual, when knitting a sweater, I'm wishing I was a lot smaller - I'd be done with the increases if I was knitting a small!


Queen Lime Green said...

Ahahah! We're kindred spirits: My husband and I pre-ordered Kingdom Hearts II months ago - and it hasn't arrived yet! I can't wait!!! (So what's the point of pre-ordering?)

Mary, Mary... said...

Purdy color!