Monday, April 03, 2006

Pixie's Cowl Swatch

It's so funny I seem to be in sync with this club! I just finished Tivoli 2 weeks or so ago and right after that I got the cowl kit from kpixie. So I just joined I hope that means I can still play!

Somewhat Cowl Swatch

I am having searious issues with my swatches, so I think I'll have to swatch again. The numbers arn't making any sence... I swatched on both needle sizes called for just in case I got gauge on the smaller one. They seem to have the same gauge in some places and then the real oddity is that the smaller needle swatch is WIDER!! MEH!

Wendy just came out with a new pattern this week, a sexy form fitting tank.

Here is the Tivoli;

Pixie Picovoli T-Shirt

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