Sunday, April 02, 2006

Oragina Sizing Help - Never Mind

Hi Ladies,

I've cast on for Orangina size 42 yesterday. Things are going well and Im about 4" into it. However, when I put my wip up to my shoulders it seems huge! Can someone guide me as to how I should be sizing this bad boy? I don't if I should do it according to my bust size, or should I measure across my shoulders and make it according to that measurement. I was having fun with Orangina, but I'm gonna put it down until I can figure this out.

ETA: I ended up frogging my start, and re-casting on. With my husbands help, he advised me to just make it the length across from shoulder to shoulder. He said I should follow the measurements of the t-shirt I had on, considering it looked as if it would fit the same. For once, I listened to what he said. I re-cast on 76 instead of 139. This time I'm working both the back and the front simultaneously, and I'm back at 3". So far it's moving along nicely.



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Marji said...

That's what I did. I ripped the whole after getting in a couple of inches and realizing that the width pretty much went from elbow to elbow. There was no way that it would magically somehow get narrower later.