Wednesday, April 05, 2006

more help needed....SC

So, I guess it is obvious that I have never knitted a sweater
Ok, so I have casted on again. It says to do the Kfb before and after each marker, and to also do an incease on the first and last stitch. It says to do this (for me) 4 times.
Am, I only doing the first and last stitch 4 times, and continueing to do the before and after each marker for the next 12.5 inches? (The measurement from neck to underarm) Or am I done doing increases for a bit?
Any and all help is much appreaciated :D


Molly said...

You are to increase one stitch at each end of the right side row, twice. That is 4 increases on the edges, total, 2 on each right side row end. AT THE SAME TIME, KfB before and after each stitch marker. Email me if you need more help.

Dawn said...

I'm in the same boat. First sweater. I took it to mean exactly what you wrote - you do the increases at the beginning and end 4 times only, while you continue to do the increase before and after the markers for the length indicated for your size (the line those increases make is what you will measure, so you have to keep doing them ... I think!).

Wendy said...

Molly and Dawn are correct. The increases on either side of the markers are done until your diagonal measurement is met.