Saturday, March 04, 2006

new nomination

i love this pattern from rowans new book midas touch...aphrodite, how sexy is that! the problem is the book costs some $ but i think it's worth it. i plan to knit this swapping the yarn with katia's "idea" in the color south beach, which is cotton, rayon, & linen and is available from elann. they have a wealth of other chunky cotton blends that could be used. this may not be realistic for our KAL but i'm not too realistic either so i had to throw it out there!


Heather said...

That's a little too sexy for me after having 2 babies! But it's very cute!

AimeeJessica said...

thought it was nice so checked out the book -- that yarn frightens me, i must say. who is rowan selling gold splattered yarn to?

xydrella said...

I just can't wear a shirt that shows my stretch marks, I too have had babies.