Tuesday, March 28, 2006

Picovoli fini - and just in time...

I am a little late on this, but just in time for you gal's to be starting the next round. I can't say I'm too drawn to either of the ones selected for this time around, so I'm going to sit this one out. I look forward to seeing y'all's finished projects, though!

I finished Picovoli last night. I was bored with the green and thought something a little contrasting would look nice. I dug through my scrap bin (a couple of boxes I keep full of scrap for when my neices or son get a wild hair and want to fool around with yarn, or I want to crochet squares/motifs) and found a really bright yellow that worked with the green/blue/lavendar/white in the Tahki yarn. I think it played out nicely. The only issue I had is that I had to make the shoulder section a "large", the bust section a "medium" and then decrease to a "small" for the waist and then come back out to a "large". Made for a lot of fussing. But, with the notes I took, the next one I make should be a lot easier. I'm planning on trying the next one in seed stitch. Should be interesting, especially around the decreases.

yarn   Tahki Tweedy Cotton Classic. Colourway 466, 100% cotton. 50g = 108yds.
The yellow was just some similar weight scrap I had and thought would look nice. Also 100% cotton.
needles  Size 5 US. Addi Turbo, 29".
Handcrafted Surina dpns size 5 US.
pattern  Picovoli by Grumperina in MagKnits.


Christine said...

BEAUTIFUL! I really like the fit, did you make the shoulders smaller than the pattern or was it just how it turned out?

Wee Quantum Furball said...

Heya. Thanks. I really like how the fit turned out, too.

I'm broad shouldered. I actually had to make the shoulders a large and then taper down to a small for the waist. Even then, the large was a little too small on the shoulders. I'll have to adjust that next one I make. I guess it's what I get for swimming and weight lifting.

Bridget M said...

It's GORGEOUS! And what a totally hot looking top on you, too! Love the contrast trim!

Wee Quantum Furball said...

Thank you so much. :-) I like it enough that I'm definitely planning on making another. Though it may be a while as I just undertook a rather large (superfine gauge) project.