Monday, March 06, 2006


I've just been looking over what's been nominated so far, and find it interesting that almost half are cardi's.
So I'm just wondering what you would choose: (in the prelim breakdown, in a general sense)
pullover or cardi?
sleeve or sleeveless?
complex knit or quick knit?

personally I tend to favor the really complex knits out there, but practicality tells me I really need to knit some fast summer tops. If time were not a factor at all I would be knitting both of the Garnstudio cardi's, Annie Modesitt's Silk Corset top, and Orangina.

just curious what you all would choose?


JustApril said...

I vote cardi, but mainly because I have already got plans to make one =) two birds and all LOL I just got the coolest DK weight cotton angora stuff and I want to make a pretty cardi for staying in to going out, so I don't have to change.

but that's just me =D

Marisa said...

I would also love to try knitting a cardi for spring. I am a beginner, so I don't know how complicated a cardi I could knit, but I'd love to try...
A new, sexy knitter

Mandy said...

I would prefer something at least a little complex. I think I might prefer a cardi too because 1) I've not done one yet and 2) I like a lot of the ones that have been nominated. I haven't decided about the sleeve thing.

AimeeJessica said...

I vote cardi over pullover, and sleeveless over sleeve -- if we're finishing up in spring, those choices seem most wearable to me.
As to simple versus complex, I like complex designs, but for a huge KAL like this, I like the idea of a simple design that beginners can follow and that advanced knitters can screw around with a bit to individualize it. Room for creativity, let's say. I love seeing how knitters adapt patterns to suit their own bodies and their own ideas -- even more of a challenge than a complex pattern.

xydrella said...

I consider myself an advanced beginner I guess. However, I have NEVER knitted a top of any kind. So I think a simple design might be better for me, patterns are not usually a problem but I tend to get intimidated by new endeavors in knitting. And I do think a cardi would be nice since they tend to be so versatile. And sleeve or sleeveless? That's a tough one! I guess sleeves, but it really depends on the design.

knit_tgz said...

Quick knit (but may have some new technique to learn, I like that), pullover, don't mind if sleeves or sleeveless.

K. said...

I vote long sleeved simple cardi or sleevless complex cardi. Does that make sense?

Myriam said...

I nominated Orangina so i am little partial when i say this but with summer coming i would rather do a nice sleeveless top but i wouldn't mind doing a Cardi for those cool evenings in Spring.

Auntie Amanda said...

coming from NC, I prefer to knit something sleeveless so I can actually wear my little pretty before fall! As far as complexity goes, I would prefer something a little complex since we have so many awesome knitters in our midst. A KAL is the perfect opportunity to tackle something a little challenging since there is so much support from our sexy knittin sisters!

JustApril said...

Of course if we did a cardi, those who wanted sleeveless could do it sleeveless. Most of the nomiantions so far would be really pretty as a sleeveless cardi.

I also think what AimeeJessica said was a good idea, "a simple design that beginners can follow and that advanced knitters can screw around with a bit to individualize it. Room for creativity, ..."

awesome concept =)

Kristin said...

something that buttons up and complex is always better for me personally. I just get bored if it's too simple. Sleeves don't really matter too much, but 3/4, short or sleeveless would be best considering the season.

Jeanie said...

My two cents worth:

First, Orangina is a fairly quick knit. I've knit two of them (and could always go for a third one) and once you get the hang of the lace pattern down (which isn't too hard to do), it goes pretty quickly.

Second, I too find it interesting that so many of you are interested in doing a cardi. If this is the case, I would suggest you take a long hard look at Something Red. I like it because it's a spring cardi that will look adorable over a cami and will work with either jeans or slacks. I also like it that you can do it in cotton (I'm pretty sure that's what Wendy made hers from), which is good for spring and summer.

For those of you who prefer a pull-over, I would take a look at Tubey and think about doing it in a shorter elbow-length version. In fact if this pattern is selected, I will more than likely substitute a lighter weight cotton blend yarn (such as Shine or even Luna {are we in a rut already???}) and adjust the numbers accordingly to achieve the correct gauge. If you're not good at doing the math, we have several who are and will (more than likely) be glad to post the new numbers for some of the most popular yarn gauges. I may even be able to get Cassie to help us do this... I'll try to email her and let y'all know if I hear back from her prior to voting day.

Silvia said...

I'm hoping for something a little complex (I'd call myself and adv. beginner/int knitter). I guess I hope the good thing about a KAL is that I'll get advice/help when I need it.
So far, my favorites are:
Somewhat Cowl
Something Red
There's no rhyme or reason- just what I like.