Friday, March 24, 2006

Yarn, Swatch, and a Start!

So I finally decided what yarn AND what color. The color was the hard part. I'm knitting the somewhat cowl, it's the first sweater that I've ever knit from the top down (which is quite fun so far). It so far is seeming to be a fairly easy knit and so I will hopefully get it done in time. I'm working on many other projects so it will be good to have one that easy enough and portable enough to take in my bag where ever I go (at least to start with). I really like that it is knit on circulars too. I've never knit a sweater in the round either. Oh yes, yarn choices! So I was debating between a tan paton decore yarn or a sky blue cotton fleece. Well seeing how this is a summer sweater I decided on the cotton fleece. It's knitting up quite well so far. I was worrying about it being too droopy, but after a talk with the owner of the local yarn shop I was reaffirmed that it would work out okay because it is a cotton/wool blend. I can't wait for my sweater to be finished... oh the love of instant gradification, it's suprising that I knit anything bigger than a hat! Anyway, it guage up nicely with size 5 needles, I knit kind of tight though, so the cotton fleece, which is a little bulkier than the suggested weight, works great for me. So here's a picture of my "sweater" so far, a swatch, and the label from the yarn I'm using. Good luck to everyone and I hope you find yarn that you fall in love with and make sweaters that will actually fit (I'm always so parinoid about that).

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LisaBe said...

i LOVE that color!