Friday, March 17, 2006

huh? i lost my post...still looking for a yarn substitute

i'm making wendy's somewhat cowl and was thinking of using allhemp 3 in chocolate but on her assessment of the yarn it will not be as body hugging so i'm still searching for a cotton i like in brown. any suggestions? i wish i had thought of this sooner but knitpixie (who sells the allhemp) features a pattern for it, "lacey little top", that seems like the reverse of orangina...stockinette on the top and lacey stuff at the bottom and NOT body hugging. no see through tops and no poofs. check out the pattern. looks like a perfect substitute for those of use who want to be able to cover up a multitude of stuffs and still have a sexy spring top. it would be easy enough to make this one longer too. i'm going to try it in the beautiful allhemp 3 augergine and do the somewhat cowl in??? so many patterns so little time.


xydrella said...

I LOVE that top! Thanks for posting it :) Must add that to my list of things to do!

Tricotine said...

I don't see the pattern... I love that little top!

Isabelle :)

Sarah said...

That's so pretty! Reminds me of one that someone on craftster did for the knitting olympics - it was the top of picovoli and the bottom of lelah.

You should nominate it for the next kal!

Krista said...

This is a great top! Here is the pattern:

I've seen a similar pattern on knit with mohair.

Would love to make it!