Thursday, March 16, 2006

Picking a pattern...

Ok, ladies. I missed out on the Picovoli KAL (which I will still be knitting some time here soon) because I didn't want to knit a top I couldn't try on with my gigantic pregnant belly. The baby is here now and am ready to join in on this one, but don't know which one to do! Somewhat cowl is a little low cut for me, so I'd probably have to wear a cami underneath, and I'm a little concerned about Orangina.

For those of you who have knit Orangina before: Is it see through? Will I need a cami under that one too so my bra won't show? I'm also concerned about the blousing effect with the tighter ribbing at the bottom. Does it end up "poofy"?


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Jeanie said...

Yes, it's see through, and my two Orangina's have not been poofy. You can see them on my blog at