Wednesday, March 29, 2006

Bug Juice Cowl

After I swatched, I just couldn't wait, so....

Somewhat Cowl in Progress

I started my Somewhat Cowl! The yarn I'm using is Nature's Palette fingering weight, which I bought at Stitches West. The yarn is really cool, and it's dyed with natural dyes. This color is called Hydrangea, and is dyed with Indigo and Cochineal. I found out when I purchased the yarn that Cochineal is a dye made from insects. My friend Kiki told me that it's used in most red and pink dyes. Fascinating!

I have a long way to go with all the increasing. So far this seems like a really fun pattern, and it's easy to follow. I might shorten the sleeves when I get up to it, because it's already getting up to 80 degrees here in Phoenix.

Here's another little photo of my very little progress:

Somewhat Cowl in Progress (the close-up)

P.S. Have you all seen Heather's Cowl? It made me want to make one!


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