Thursday, March 23, 2006

i can't comment on that!

i also have way too much trouble commenting, usually i sign into my e blog then can leave a comment but not today so i'll post. last summer this silk skirt made from recycled sari's caught my eye in mustang sally's in duck, north carolina. it looks best worn with brown but have not yet found the perfect top for it. i think the somewhat cowl may be that top! i also have this lovely silk cami ready to be worn under the somewhat cowl! so i chose karabella's vintage cotton yarn in brown.


knitncycle said...

I love that skirt! I think the somewhat cowl will go perfectly with it!

Marji said...

that is so pretty, and what a great combination.
I think I want to find some of that yarn too, feel the weight and spin. I love the Karabella yarns. Great stuff. And the color is yummy and just perfect for your skirt.

Dr. Spaulding said...

omg, the skirt and yarn is so beautiful. What kind of yarn?