Friday, March 17, 2006

I may have found my yarn

I was wandering around my LYS today, dismayed by the preponderance of pastel colored yarns (I am sooo not about pastels). I was looking for something in Teal. I didn't want to use a vareigated yarn, and was thinking that I might end up having to order something online. I then wandered over to the ribbon yarn section, and found a ribbon yarn that is actually appropriate for the gauge, and ina nice medium teal color. It's mostly a matte texture, but there is a think shiny thread that runs down the centre. The woman at the shop said that it looks almost like suede when it is knitted up. They only have 4 skeins, so I didn't buy it, and of course do not remember the name of the yarn or the company. I just bought my pattern today, so I am going back to the LYS to order the yarn tomorrow. I will update this post with the name and a link if I can find one. The one thing that gives me pause is that it is 100% nylon - I know that silk doesn't have alot of give, but I'm not sure about alpaca. I will have to see how the tension swatch turns out.

So much for Lent - maybe I should give up chocolate for the remainder. Not.

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