Wednesday, March 15, 2006

New Sexy Knitter

Hi everyone,
I'm glad to be joining in time for the new KAL. I chose the Somewhat Cowl, and bought the pattern tonight. I chose Reynolds Saucy in Purple from my stash which was originally going to be a Medallion Cardigan from Loop d Loop. The mercerized cotton is a totally different fiber (obviously) from the Alpaca and Silk, and is also a worsted weight. I want spring/summer weight garment, and to use the stash... I ran the numbers and settled on the 36" size to fit my 42" bust and to just follow the pattern as written on numbers 6 and 7 needles. Are there any more experienced knitters who think this is an awful idea?

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LisaBe said...

please keep me posted on this--i have two stashes of mercerized cotton that i'd love to use for this (one of them), and i'm not good at figuring out things like yarn substitutions--i always rely on my lys folks to tell me! :) i'll only be able to do this, i think, if i can use some stash...pretty broke right now. bought the pattern, but i haven't done a swatch yet to test the gauge.