Friday, March 17, 2006

My choice

I am going to make the Somewhat Cowl Top with... Baby Sport Acrylic yarn!!!

Yes, it works too and it will be perfect for summer chilly evenings in Maine, not mentioning the easy care and the low cost of the yarn!!! :D

I feel so ready to take that SC's neckline challenge! LOL

Read about it here!


Cheri said...

I am making mine with the same baby yarn as you (I need to clear out my stash plus I am BROKE!). This morning I was searching the blogs and came across the same pictures that you have linked to on your blog and was very disappointed with all the necklines. Erica's looks just the way I hoped mine will turn out (not that I need to bring anymore attention to my bust!)

JustApril said...

Good research Isa! That really helped me decide