Monday, March 13, 2006

Like a Kid on Her Bday

I just can't wait!!! I'm so excited about doing my first knit along that I could just about burst! I must check the status of the poll 3 or 4 times a day to see what might be our winner (it's a bit obsessive, ehh?) I think 2 more days might just be the death of me :) But I'm a tough, sexy woman, I can execute power and control (I hope!)


LisaBe said...

i can't wait either! i don't know how to check the status, so i'm just dying here! and i told myself that the winner might become my sister-in-law's birthday gift, so...on with it already!! gah!

PiggleKnits said...

To check the status you can click on the "view" button beside the "vote" button at the foot of the poll. :) I've checked it a few times myself.