Sunday, March 19, 2006


I went back to my LYS to order the yarn I found - it was Fauve yarn by Louise Harding. Checked the price, which I hadn't before - $11.95 - oops!(and this is without sales tax). Did the math, and I would probably need 10 skeins. I would be looking at over $120 Canadian for this sweater. It could be worse - I could be making this sweater, which uses 18-21 skeins!!!
I did find an online site where I could get 10 skeins for about $71 US, but I came across one site which described Fauve as a "chunky" yarn. So my search continues. has this yarn for a reasonable price, but the colour I would want is the sample skein, and I don't think that the Turquoise listed is the same shade. It must be a discontinued yarn because I can't find a colour chart online. Ram wools has Cezanne at a half decent price, and also sells the Debbie Bliss Cathay in a shade of Teal that I would like, although at a less nice price. I might just order the yarn from Yarnsale and return it if I don't like the colour.



knitncycle said...

Youch! I hate that! So many yarns are just so darn expensive! I like the Cezanne in Turquoise though, very pretty! I've got lady eleanor from scarf style planned. The original yarn used costs $360.00. Needless to say, I went with the Noro Silk Garden for under $90. Still high but not as high as the La Lana! Good luck!

Zarah said...

I assume you're knitting Somewhat Cowl - I noticed there is a bag (10skeins) of Debbie Bliss alpaca-silk on sale at I'm knitting Orangina, so I didn't pay too close attention to the price, but you might check it out - look in the "bargain" or "clearance" sections.