Wednesday, March 08, 2006

My Two Cents

I posted this as a comment on another post, but decided to post it here as well.

My two cents worth:

First, for those who think Orangina is a "lengthy knit", Orangina is a fairly quick knit. I've knit two of them (and could always go for a third one) and once you get the hang of the lace pattern (which isn't too hard to do), it goes pretty quickly.

Second, I too find it interesting that so many of you are interested in doing a cardi. If this is the case, I would suggest you take a long hard look at Wendy's Something Red. I like it because it's a spring cardi that will look adorable over a cami and will work with either jeans or slacks. I also like it that you can do it in cotton (I'm pretty sure that's what Wendy made hers from), which is good for spring and summer.

For those of you who prefer a pull-over, I would take a look at Tubey and think about doing it in a shorter elbow-length version. In fact if this pattern is selected, I will more than likely substitute a lighter weight cotton blend yarn (such as Shine or even Luna {are we in a rut already???}) and adjust the numbers accordingly to achieve the correct gauge. If you're not good at doing the math, we have several who are and will (more than likely) be glad to post the new numbers for some of the most popular yarn gauges. I may even be able to get Cassie to help us do this... I'll try to email her and let y'all know if I hear back from her prior to voting day.

Honestly, I am loving all of the pattern nominations and will be thrilled to knit any of them... but I just wanted to respond to some of the previous posts and comments regarding these nominations.

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