Thursday, March 16, 2006

Orangina - needle question

So... I bought a lovely Addi turbo 24" - Size 4 - for Picovoli. Do you think I can get away with using it for Orangina (which calls for a Size 3)?


Wee Quantum Furball said...

It would really depend on your gague. How tightly you knit, and what size you are going for. Say you were a size that would put you medium and you knit a little loose. You might be able to get away with using size 3s and going up to the pattern size for a large. The problem is that this is also a lace pattern, and by dropping down a needle size, you will be slightly lessening the effect of the lace pattern.

Jeanie said...

It also depends on what yarn you're using. What yarn are you using?? If it's a yarn that will look okay knit up on size 4 needles, then do a gauge swatch and make any number adjustments necessary to get the right size (or width) of the panels. I feel that this top is quite "flexible" regarding how it fits, what type of yarn to use, etc.