Thursday, March 16, 2006

stash usage

i really have no business spending money on yarn right now :( so i'm really trying to figure out whether i can use one of my two big stashes--king tut mercerized cotton (4.5 stitches per inch on size seven needles) or tahki cotton classic mercerized cotton (six stitches per inch? i don't have the labels in front of me, but the web site says 6/5 sts). anyway, any yarn substitution experts out there want to advise me on whether i can use either of these yarns to make either of these (preferably somewhat cowl)? if not, can you suggest something i *can* make with them?

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Marji said...

I'm not familiar with teh King Tut cotton, but I know the Tahki (label means knits to 5 st to the inch on size 6 needle) and it is a worsted weight.
The Rowan is a 4 ply - which is classed as a fingering weight, which is much finer and generally knits on a size 3 needle.
If you have access to a LYS you should go in and feel the differences.
I think you might be really unhappy with the Tahki Cotton Classic knit in a pattern calling for a cotton 4ply.
look for a pattern calling for a worsted weight yarn for what is in your stash.