Friday, March 17, 2006

For Newer Knitters

Don't forget these articles over at on fit (one and another), pattern reading, and substituting yarns.

They're tremendously helpful in actually understanding what you're doing, and I find it always worth my time to do a little math after I read the pattern and before I start knitting. Check out the articles and see what I mean.


knitncycle said...

Thanks for the info and links! I just printed out these articles! I have a ton of stash and this will help with some decent subs for my projects!

Marji said...

excellent set of reference articles. Thank you!

LisaBe said...

just tickled to say that the author of the first of those articles (jessica fenlon thomas) was the first person ever to help me shop for and choose yarn in my lys :) she totally rocked and taught me lots, though i wish she'd stuck around longer (though the folks in that lys are still great). not sure where she's working now. i feel extra privileged to have known her every time i read something by her on knitty :)