Saturday, July 29, 2006

Very late question about Orangina

I missed the Orangina KAL entirely, and I'm thinking about making it now, but I'm not sure it will be flattering. I love the pattern, but I'm always a little leery of anything that obscures my waist.

I've browsed through the KAL, and it looks great on lots of different sizes, but I don't see my shape. I'm a slightly bottom-heavy hourglass: bigish bust, little waist, big hips, size 10 or 12. (With my figure, a lot of fitted designs that call for zero bust ease still end up looking pretty boxy.)

Exhibit A:

So my question is:
- has anybody hourglass and not skinny (although not necessarily plus-sized) knitted this?
- if so, can you point me to some pictures of the FO?
- do you like how it looks on you?
- do you have any recommendations for sizing/ease/pattern tweaking?


vargels said...

I don't have the bust...but I understand the issue of not wanting to obscur the waist leading into the hips. When I made my Orangina, I had made the lace section the length that it called for but didn't like how my waist was lost. As a result, I frogged back and started the ribbing (on a smaller needle size) right where my waist starts and really liked how that looked. (I missed the KAL and just finished mine, so I haven't posted a picture yet.)

Molly said...

What I see is a shapely top, not boxy at all. Is that the Soleil?

Jeanie said...

I agree with Molly -- I'm not seeing anything "boxy" about you sister! And I think Orangina would look stunning on your figure!

kelp! said...

I've made Orangina with waist shaping, and I really liked the outcome - you can see the results here. Good luck!

Estellika said...

I totally get your concern, and share it. I am not as shapely as you are however I also look boxy with out waist definition. I think that when I do the orangina I'll do what I saw some other ladies do, and that is shorten the lace section and elongate the ribbing so the ribbing begins at or around the most narrow part of my waist or maybe just below. I don't have large breasts as you do so I'm not sure if that idea is applicable, but hopefully that is helpful.

Jan said...

I have the same problem. I haven't made the Oringina yet, but here's what I plan on doing. Going down in needle size(s) just after the bust. For me this usually works.

Jess said...

Thanks everybody; that's some really helpful feedback. I think I'll try the higher ribbing on smaller needles approach. Now which yarn to use....

Molly: yep, Exhibit A is Soleil, worked with about twice the recommended decreases (and photographed by my husband). I couldn't find a picture of me wearing anything boxy, so I never put in an exhibit B. :)

The closest I could find is my slightly loose Zig-Zag:
And that's got a good 1-2 inches of negative ease!

KeanaLee said...

Your built like me & I love how that looks on you, I will have to try it. It does not look boxy at all.