Saturday, July 15, 2006

Hope this Helps

I know a couple people had asked what the gauge was on the ribbing. Since the gauge given in the pattern is for stockinette (which I dutifully checked before beginning), it is confusing lots of us once we begin in the rib, wondering if it is going to fit. Me too! So, I figured I'd fill everyone in on how it's going for me as a comparison guide. Maybe others could post what they've found as they are knitting so others can see and judge for themselves.

Anyway - I am knitting the size 36 using TLC's Cotton Plus. When swatching, I found I needed to use a size 6 needle to get the stockinette gauge of 20 st/28 rows. I could basically tell that the larger needles weren't going to work as I was swatching, because the stitches just looked wonky! I also knit some ribbing at the end of my swatch so that i could see how I liked it. And I found the 6 worked for me. I measured this morning to see what the gauge was working out to be in the rib, and I found about 4 stitches width wise and 6 stitches length wise. So about 20/24 for the 4" measure. I also tried the thing on already to make sure it was going to go neatly over my hips, and it is just fine.

Again, hope that helps! What is everyone else finding?


Marlene said...

I've done the same type of swatching Heather. Using TLC's Cotton Plus, I dropped several needle sizes before I got the recommended gauge, but that isn't anything unusual for me as I am a loose knitter.

Even once I achieved gauge I wasn't happy though. I thought the resulting fabric was too sloppy looking, especially after I used the same needles in a trial swatch of the ribbing.

What I decided to do in the end was to knit to a tighter gauge (21 stitches over 4 inches in stockinette) but move up one pattern size. I fell right between two sizes anyway so the tighter gauge, combined with the larger pattern size, added up to a perfect match to my actual bust size. The math works out to knitting it exactly to my bust measurements and it is fitting fine. It COULD be tighter, but it is not sloppy or anything.

Jeanie said...

This was so helpful Heather! I may have to play around with a smaller needle and do some extra gauge swatches! Thanks for posting the wonderful info!

Jeanie said...

Okay woah! I just checked my RIBBED gauge (before I frog) on size 7's and it looks like mine is 26 stitches and 24 rows per 4" and yet it's still too loose! Is my math wrong? I'm confused!