Sunday, July 23, 2006

Just when I thought I was safe

So I have been plugging away on my Tempting II. I thought I was prepared. I read all the posts for how to do alterations on the neckband, and I felt confidant that I was going to do it right the first time. I was going to learn from other's mistakes.

So I did a K2tog on the last row of the neck, and started plugging away at the band. I thought all was going awesome...and then I decided to try it on.

Granted I was only half way through, but I could already tell the thing was going to be way too loose, even with a darn buckle. And there were holes from the k2tog, pretty large holes at that. Guess I could call it design element.
So I ripped back to the k2tog. And Im ready to go overkill on this puppy. I think I'm going to rip back another row to get rid of the k2tog, and then maybe do a few rows on a smaller needle. Then try the neckband again but decrease every round, instead of every other.
I am thinking this will tighten up the neckband, and get rid of the holes, what do you all think? Does this sound reasonable, or am I off my rocker?


LisaBe said...

yeah, the holes from the k2tog definitely do show, and i don't know how much blocking would help. stinks, huh? but you've got a good idea in knitting on a smaller needle. i may try knitting from the sleeve join up on one size down, actually, or maybe halfway between the sleeve join and the neckband, whatever that works out to be. that way, no holes but still a decrease. that's a really good suggestion--thanks! i'm definitely planning to do the neckband on a smaller needle, by one or even two sizes. (a little hollywood tape never hurt, either!)

Marlene said...

Decreasing on EVERY row definately eliminates the holes Melanie. Although I modified mine even further so can't advise you about final fit of the original, I do know that attaching the band on every row eliminates the problem of ending up with twice as many band rows as body stitches. Size wise it accomplishes the same thing as doing the K2tog row.

It's NOT the K2tog that is causing the holes. The holes are caused by attaching it on every second row. Attach on EVERY row and your holes will be eliminated. If you still need to adjust the width of the neckline you can continue to use the K2tog as well. The K2tog is NOT what is causing the holes.