Friday, July 07, 2006

Tempting II progress

This is the start of my Tempting II, made in Calmer (the color is also called Calmer). The yarn is unlike anything I've ever used before- very spongy and light. At first, I wasn't sure how to knit with it, but I managed to stop trying to pull it, and now my gauge is fine on a size 7 circular needle. I keep thinking my stitches should be tighter, but since the size and gauge are fine, I'm going with what I have. I'm making the size 32, even thought I'm a 34, and with all of the yarn's stretch, it fits without being tight. This seems to be flying on the needles, especially once I switched from Bamboo to aluminum needles. Hope to be finished by next weekend. Hope everyone else is having good luck!

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Oblivia said...

It looks so pretty! Must. resist. urge. to. buy. Calmer.