Saturday, July 29, 2006

Remember the Blue Smock?

Remember the Blue Smock by Gaysknits? She started to write the pattern for it, I'm so excited!! I love the Blue Smock!! The pattern is still in progress (this is the first time she writes her own pattern), it's knitted from the top down, I think I'm going to cast on and knit as she adds more details.

I finished my Tempting II, I'm deciding whether to add a button or a buckle for the neckband. I'll post a picture soon.

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gaysknits said...

i was wondering why i suddenly got so many comments on my pattern! i'm not knitting tempting so i haven't been on this site alot lately. my pattern is still not done and i've been lucky enough to have some kind people sharing hints with me about the mistakes i've already made so keep the ideas coming and maybe i'll learn something from it! thanks gay