Monday, July 31, 2006

Tempted, but dropped

I was going to do the Tempting II in RedHeart's Plush yarn in black. My gauge swatch was deadon. I cast on, it was enormous! So I frogged and tried again, and again, and agian...six times I tried and I couldn't even get close to gauge to save my life! Just too much going on right now that I am not able to think clearly enough to make the necessary changes, so I dropped out of this KAL. I don't need suggestions on what to do, I know how. It's just that with my life as it is going at the moment, the needed changes were taking the fun out of knitting. Knitting is therapy for me, so rather than burn-out on this sweater all together, I decided to stop and just wait until such a time as I can do the changes or afford the proper yarn.........that'll be awhile I am afraid.


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