Thursday, July 06, 2006

10 Inches

I've completed 10 inches of my Tempting II.

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I thought all the ribbing would be tedious and boring to do but I'm finding it is going quicker than I expected. It's a no-brainer type knitting I can do while traveling or visiting and all those otherwise wasted moments are really adding up.

I scrapped my original yarn choice and I'm now using TLC Cotton Plus and it's lovely. I found I prefer this yarn knit up at a tighter gauge (21 stitches over 4 inches) so I adjusted by knitting the next bigger size. According to my calculations it should fit better (my measurements fall between sizes)


The Boot said...

So, do you feel that you get "wonky" stitches due to the elastic or is that unique to Calmer in this case?

Looks pretty in white, by the way.

Marlene said...

Normally I'm a very even knitter so I would think the stitches that aren't uniform are due to the high cotton content and sheen of the yarn I am using....which isn't Calmer. I'm using TLC Cotton Plus. I'm not concerned though. Experience tells me that it will all even out in the wash.