Saturday, July 22, 2006

Tempting leftovers?

I live in a city where the downtown lights keep my apartment illuminated at night. I NEED my eye pillow thingies or else I'd never sleep! I am also trying to find tiny projects to use up remainder skeins. Here's a little project that uses 1/2 ounce of the remaining skein of Calmer from Tempting II and a 7-8 inch elastic band. I know the ladies here are creative and like to fatz with patterns, so feel free to use the basic premise as a jumping off point for better, prettier designs. Like switching to st st and doing an intarsia word across the front or adding some cabling or stuffing it with a lavender sachet or whatever. Here's my most primitive form. Please excuse the poor finishing. I don't pay much attention to things I'll never actually "see" when wearing it.

Calmer, 0.5 oz, 7-8 inch elastic band, US 6 needles
Make a 6 x 6 inch square - for me it was CO 38 sts, garter stitch for 6 inches.
Decrease row 1: k2 tog, k15, k2tog, turn (work only these stitches from here on)
Row 2: K
Row 3: k2 tog, k to last 2 sts, k2tog
Row 4: k
Repeat rows 3 + 4 until you have 7 stitches
Break yarn, return to second set of 19 stitches and repeat decreases. If you cast on a different amount, just make sure you're working half the stitches at a time during the decreases.
Fold 6 x 6 square in half, sew edges. It should now be 3 x 6 inches with the little under-eye patches hanging below. Sew the elastic band on each side and voila. (I only had an elastic beading cord available...It works better with your usual, thicker elastic.


CanarySanctuary said...

Thanks so much for the pattern! I need one of those too (I'm a pretty light sleeper).

Annarella said...

What a fun idea! x

smug sheep said...

nice idea, thanks for sharing