Thursday, July 20, 2006

Knitting T-Shirts?

Have you seen cute knitting related t-shirts (other than the SKC shirts) somewhere on the web? If so, let the rest of us know about them in the comment section of this post only (and be sure to include a link).



Wee Quantum Furball said...

Franklin has some great ones at The Panopticon Shop.

sibtigre2 said...

There are a couple of cute ones at White Lies desings:

I haven't made any of them yet but I really like the Krista Tee

LadyLungDoc said...

Urban yarns has a cute one:

AuntieAnn said...

CafePress has hundreds here:

AuntieAnn said...

Also, Crazy Aunt Purl has some, which for some reason don't show up in the link I put in the last comment. They are here:

I myself own one of these, but have trouble wearing it to SnB cuz the f-word is on it, and I don't want to corrupt the girls who come - one is my DD and both are in my GS troop.