Saturday, July 29, 2006

Not tempted...

Hi gang!

I'm afraid I wasn't tempted by this particular knitalong (didn't think the end product would look all that hot on me) so I've been working on some alternate sexy knits. Admittedly there is more motivation when you are knitting along with the rest of the group, so I am hoping that the next group pick appeals to me more :)

Here is my finished Tulip, (from My Life in Stitches):
(the Katia Jamaica was such a fun yarn, but so! dang! splitty!)

And here is the fitted tank I made from the dreamy Blue Sky Cotton:

More infos can be on my blog : Mango Lassi(e)


Jen said...

Very nice work! I love the colors on the Tulip. :)

Anonymous said...

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