Wednesday, July 19, 2006


Hi, everyone. :D I'm Manda! :) I'm 25, and I live in Dallas, TX. I blog here and here, and sometimes I also podcast! :) This is my first KAL here, and I'm also working on Tempting II. Obviously. :) I started it back in January, but I knitted the first couple inches and put it down never to pick it up again. I saw the SKC was knitting it, and thought I'd knit along!! :)

I don't have much progress to show... and my camera & Flickr are having issues, so I'll post a picture once I can.

I'm knitting mine in Rowan Calmer in Onyx, and she's gorgeous! :) I picked it up for the first time since January yesterday and I got two rounds done.

Thanks for letting me join!
Manda :)


The Boot said...

Welcome, Manda! I'll bet the Onyx color will be lovely!

Molly said...

Welcome aboard!

My TII is in a state of suspended annimation until I get moved out of a house I have been in for over 19 years. Hopefully, I will be able to resume working on it at the beginning of August!