Friday, July 21, 2006

Crochet the décolletage?

OK, so the body and sleeves are joined. The body I did a bit longer.

How about a crocheted décolletage? Hmm... Any suggestions?

Have a lovely knittingweekend, I know I will! :0)


Yarnartist said...

I'm almost to where you are and using the same color, too! My plans are to make the neckband from a ring of crocheted flowers, maybe with beads. Can't wait to see it come out of my imagination and exist in reality! Will post photos!

Jeanie said...

Ooooh, crochet sounds wonderful for the neckline!

Klara said...

OK, so I am finish! Just have to take a photo... and I am curious about your flowerneckband!

Yarnartist said...

I ended up not doing the flowers because I didn't have enough yarn so I just did a simple scallop. Instead of k2tog, k1 for the last row, I took the live sts and did sc, sc dec around the neckline, then *ch5, skip 3sc, sc, rep from * around. Next row: [sc, hdc, dc, hdc, sc] in each ch-5 sp; join and end off.