Sunday, July 02, 2006

Black-cable-sleeves-Tempting? :0)

I found an old yarn from Marks & Kattens namned "Avanti" for my Tempting. I love to knit in colours but I always wear black... And this sweater I wanna wear! :0)

This is how far I came with the first ball, the very first day. I was thinking of minicables on the sleeves, but I don´t know yet.


Oblivia said...

I think with the continuous ribbing and "seamless" sleeves, the cables might look out of place. I'd considered it for a second though.

LisaBe said...

cabling adds both attention and bulk, so i'd only do it if you've got really toned arms to which you want to draw all the eyes. even then, i think i'd agree with oblivia that it's the sea of uniform fabric that makes this sweater what it is--streamlined.
you might like calista's knockoff on the alexandra mcqueen sweater? similar shape, though different construction, with light cabling.