Monday, July 17, 2006

nervous?anxious? me? YES!

OK, I just finished the body of the sweater and a sleeve. I just tried them both on (with the yarn and needles through it so it was not completely smooth), and Im none too happy with what I saw.
I really should post a pic, but I don't feel like putting that thing back on. =(
My stitches look "wonkey"! I usually have great tension but this yarn(Calmer) is not the easiest for me.
The sleeves are OK, but Im not sure if I should make them longer or not.(3 1/2 inches)
Im hoping that once things start coming together I will feel better about it, and I am hoping that blocking will help my problem.
Sorry all, just needed to vent. After seeing how nice all the finished ones look, Im feeling even more bummed out about my own.


Marlene said...

I wouldn't fret too much yet. Cotton is sometimes evened out in the washing. I used TLC Cotton Plus and mine has wonky stitches too, even though my knitting is usually very even. I'm hoping a trip through the wash will smarten it up. I sure hope so! I'm all finished except for the sewing in of the ends and a bit of extra "detailing" I have planned.

Auntie Amanda said...

I second what Marlene said...cotton seems to show every wonky stitch before a nice wash. I had the same problem with the Somewhat Cowl (I used KnitPick Shine -cotton/modal blend). My stitches looked very uneven, and even the ribbing at the bottom and around the sleeves looked wavy. But after a wash and gentle blocking it was beautiful.
In your sweater's defense, just being held together with yarn and needles does not quite give it a chance to showcase it's beauty. I am sure a few of the others looked a bit wonky too before finishing. Don't give up yet!

Silvia said...

Calmer is definitely wierd. I posted a picture below of mine. With additional washings, its evened out a bit, though. The other comments are right- don't give up on it yet.