Sunday, July 02, 2006

casted on and another sexy knit

I actually got my Tempting II cast on! This is a huge achievement for me, kinda sad but true...

And I also got another sexy knit done recently, and a friend took a pic of me in it tonight:

Of course, I didn't realise she was taking the pic when she did - so I ruined the drape by hooking my fingers in my pockets. Ahwell. It's comfy in 90 F weather, which was the goal ;)

I have to say, I love summer knitting = no sleeves! Tank tops and t's are so much fun to knit!


Elledub said...

Wow, I love your "other sexy knit"! It's a great pattern--did you design it?

quiltyknitwit said...

The Tempting II will be pretty - your tank turned out well too.

yarnahoy said...

That is just beautiful!
Love the way the colors show up with that pattern.