Monday, July 10, 2006

I had it coming.

Just when I decide to follow the pattern for the first time EVER, I get the flops! The plan: rip out the neckline and do about half of the rows this ended up to be. Wish me luck!


Nala verstrickt said...


i have had the same Problems with my Tepting II. :( I have change the pattern and work the last two Bodyrows (under the neckline) in K2TOG. It helps. Now it fits. Maybe help you this.
I´m sorry i can read english much better than write. :)

Good Luck with Tempting!


Dena said...

Such a sad face. Your sweater looks great up to the neckline. Good luck fixing it.

Ashley said...

The body of the sweater looks amazing! I love the color, it looks great on you.

At least the neckline isn't too big right? I'd rather rip a neckline than rip an entire sweater.

Good luck!

The Boot said...

Thanks ladies! Yeah, it could definitely be worse. I think I look a lot sadder than I am since it was WAY late at night. I'm pretty happy with the rest of it!

Thanks again!