Monday, July 03, 2006

Good morning Sexy Knitters!!!

I'm just now getting a chance to "officially" announce the July 1st kick-off of the Tempting II SKC knit along! Sorry, I'm a few days late in doing so, but it looks like many of you have already started, which means the rest of us need to catch up! So far, the Tempting II's I've seen look fabulous which is just the inspiration the rest of us need to cast on!

So for those of you who were waiting for the "official" starting gun to go off.....





Denise said...

Oops! Got my yarn last Wednesday, looked at it until Saturday, then swatched. It looked great so I started knitting Sat. night. Got a little ahead of the starting gun. But I am into the second ball of yarn! (TLC Cotton Plus in medium blue).

LHWBaby said...

I would love to join the SKC. I feel sexy (and occasionaly I hear I am) and I an a rabid knitter. (Someone corrected me once and said, "I'm sure you mean 'avid' dear." No, it's rabid, honey, oure and simple...So if it's not too late- sign me up!!! Can't wait to get started. Curious thing though, the date on the site is July 2007, did I loose a year? My E-mail is: Thank you!