Thursday, July 13, 2006


For those who don't know, my dh has been in hospital since May first due to Brown Recluse (aka fiddle back) Spider bite. He's going to be fine. In fact I talked to him a little bit ago and found out that he gets to come tomorrow evening!!!


knitncycle said...

Hope he's doing better! Those bites can be so serious! Take care!

KnitnZu said...

Jan, best wishes to dh, and glad the bite was recognized early. An older lady I know lost her lower leg due to recluse bite, in Maine! Where they don't live! Best guess was it came in on packaging. But docs here didn't know what was causing necrosis, and by 3 days later it was too late. Tough bird and stubborn French (canadian)lady that she is, she was standing (on one leg w/ no prosthetic) in her kitchen sink the day she came home from hospital taking down her curtains to clean them. Good luck!